Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crafty JC Challenge-1

Hi all

Here is my card along with envelop for Crafty JC Challenge-1.

Base is White Cardstock.Flowers embellishments are from Delhi Haat, I love these flowers.Footprints are puffy stickers.Hey do you know how I made the black rounded corner paper shape?Any guesses....Hmm I made the black rounded corner paper shape from my sis kurti's printed tag,amazing na,I just love the outcome. I have a habit of collecting tags of clothes of different shapes. I put the tag on black cardstock and draw the shape of it on the cardstock and cut it out.Its the great substitute of craft punches.Sentiment is from Itsy Bitsy.
Sorry for blur light.

Birthday gift from Spardha

Hi all

I got a very sweet Birthday gift and a cute card from my dear blogger friend Spardha.
Thank you Spardha.I like it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Water Color Painting

Hi all

I did water color painting after a very long time,infact its years n years I never did any painting in water colors.

One of my friend did water color painting after watching her painting I really inspired to do painting in water color.

In my college days I was not at all good in water colors,even I was unable to give depth in my water colors works, I was never satisfied with my water colors works.

Now I did water color painting after so many years,keep it in mind that I have to create depth in my work, I tried hard, give almost every effort to create depth.

What u say?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Card and Present

Hi all

Sorry for writing late. My system was down for sometime n I missed all the happenings in this blogging world.
Meanwhile I made a birthday card and present for one of my blogger friend Spardha and eager to post it on the blog.

She liked newspaper gift wrapping, so I wrapped all her gifts in newspaper, I also made handmade flowers for her.

Then I wrapped all the gifts together in one newspaper and tied it with ribbon.

I did this type of wrapping first time and I love the outcome.