Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Just Refreshing My Childhood Memories as well as yours too

Hi all

Yesterday I was just sitting with one of my relatives and discussed some of our all time favourite TV commercials and title songs which we used to watch in our childhood days on Doordarshan channel(India's first TV Channel).

Then suddenly an idea came in to my mind that why not write an interesting post sharing our all time TV commercials/title songs and refresh not only my childhood memories but also the memories of my readers too.

I searched on You tube and found an awesome collection there. There are so many videos there but I pick few to share with you.

Now here comes my favourites which refresh my childhood memories as well as yours too-

This cadbury ad. actually I am not sure I saw it on Doordarshan or any other cable network channel but really like it.

Special thanks to:

  • Doordarshan channel-who really cherished our childhood days with their awesome ads which we never ever forget through out our life.
  • You tube- who makes it so easy for us to search any video.