Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Welcome Little One- A Handmade Baby card

Hi folks
 I am  back with my another creation.
Its a Baby Welcome Card. 

 Base is White CS. 
Layering is on White CS.
Scallop window is cut it out with Big Shot.

Baby Prem is Die cut.
baby Teddy is hand drawn and Hand Cut.
Sentiment is stamped.

Scallop Laces are Hand Drawn and Hand Cut decorated with faux stitch.

Angled View.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Handmade Shaker Birthday card

Hi Folks
I am back with my another creation.
Its a lacy Shaker card.

Base is Pink CS.
Layering is on Fuchsia Pink Fabriano CS available in our #crazycrafterstore.
Round Lacy Shape is Die Cut.

Hello kitty image is layered with PP.
Glittered crown cut it out from a Golden Glitter sheet.
The space behind the Kitty is filled with cup sequins available in our #crazycrafterstore.

Paper banners are Handmade.
Sentiment is stamped.

Angled view.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

You are so sweet...Handmade Greeting Card

Hi Folks
I am back with my another creation. 
You are So Sweet...A Handmade Greeting card with so much layering of Pattern Papers.

 Base is White CS.
BG Pattern Paper is from American Crafts.
Behind the layering of Ice cream cone I stamped the BG with lighter tone.

 Layering of pattern Papers are from Ki Memories Mat Pad.

 Sentiment is stamped.

Angled View.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Paper Shaker....Celebrate It's Your Day

Hi Folks
I am back with my another creation.
Celebrate its Ur day..
Its a Shake.... Shake... Shaker card.

Base is white CS.
Layering is on white CS too.
BG is Pattern Paper from American crafts.
Shaker window...handcut and filled with cup sequins available in our #crazycrafterstore.

Paper Banner is handcut and handdrawn.
Balloons are punched.
Hello Kitty is a digi image(Source:Google) colored and layered with PP.
Sentiment is stamped.
Angled View.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Birthday

Hi Folks
I am back with my another creation.
It's a Birthday card.

Base is black CS.
Layering is on Red CS.
Circle lacy shapes are Die cuts.
Gift Boxes are stamped and layered with pattern papers.

 Sentiment is stamped.

Angled view.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Free Fonts

Hi Folks

Wanna know about free fonts..?
Wanna download some free fonts..?
Wanna know the wide world of fonts…?

Yes…today we are sharing some links with you... which provide you the free fonts on various topics..

Some are Funky, some are Curly, some are Sophisticated and some are decorative…

Here are the list-

Now enjoy the world of Free fonts…

Friday, June 16, 2017

How to use innovative ways of doing Drawing and Painting...? Summer Activity for Kids..Day-10

Hi Folks
We(my daughter and me) are back now.
Its Day-10 of Summer Activities for kids.
Our Day -10 activity is Thumb Painting..
How to do drawing and painting in a fun way..?
How to use innovative ways of doing Drawing and Painting...?

Once my daughter was playing with her toys.
She picked up few alphabets blocks. Placed on her table upside down. Filled it with water.
Took a brush and a piece of paper in her hand. She dipped the brush in water and started applying it on a piece of paper as if she was doing a painting with colors. I was watching all these and I was so surprised that how she found that idea of using her blocks. I never ever imagined this earlier that toys can be used in a so much innovative way. It was a play for her but immediately it stuck in my mind that why not do some painting activity with these blocks in the same way as my daughter used it. So I planned this Thumb painting activity and made coloring and mixing palette with alphabets blocks.
Now you see how a mother is inspired by her daughter.
How a mother found new ideas from her daughter..
So we both made this activity a fun.  

So this is our new Coloring Palette.

 First we draw a rough sketch on a piece of paper. We simply  used A4 size Ivory sheet.
Colors for Thumb Prints. We used water colors.
Water, Brushes

 Started applying  colors on background space.

 Now color the tree trunk .

Thumb prints.

Thumb Prints.

Final touches with Sketch Pens.

Framed one.

Now its your turn.  
Try this activity with your kids and share with us too (as we daughter mother duo love to see your creations too) by sending your links or pics. at our email Id

We will surely share your projects on our blog, FB page, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram too.

As of now me Sudha kalra along with my little daughter is signing off and waiting for your creations too.

We have completed our 10 activities which we had planned in these series.

Now enjoy these activities with ur kids and not to forget to share with us too.