Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stay at Home and Paint with Us

Namaste Everyone

Stay at Home and utilise your time with some creative things.
Take care of you and your loved ones too.

Here I come with my another Water Color Painting to relieve me from Stress as I said in my earlier post.."Painting is a Real Stress Buster"..

Water Color Paper
Camlin Water Color Cakes
Camlin Synthetic Water Color Brushes

Monday, March 23, 2020

Stay at Home...Seed Paper Flowers

Namaste Everyone

Stay at Home and make some Seed Paper Flowers with Us...

These flowers are Plantable and made from Plantable Seed papers.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Water Color Painting...A Real Stress Buster

Hi Folks

As we all know that we all are advised to stay at home in this crucial time of COVID -19.
My hubby is at home..My daughter school is also closed...So we all three are at home.
 We are spending more and more time with each other. 
On the other hand, these days my work load increases.
Days have become more tiring and I hardly get a time for myself.

 In this time of Stress, painting is a real Stress Buster for me and I manage to pick my brushes and colors to relax myself , boost me up and relieve me from stress.

So here I come with my new Water Color creation-

In this painting I have used Camlin Water Color Cakes instead of using Liquid Water Colors.

Supplies: Camlin Water Color cakes
Brushes: Camlin Synthetic Water Color brushes
Water Color Paper.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Paint with Liquid Water Colors/ Photo Colors

Hi Folks

I am back with my another creation in Liquid Water Colors/Photo Colors.
Sometimes days are very Stressful. Being a mom of a little daughter and working from home I enjoy and love this period of my life a lot but sometimes days are very stressful too and you hardly get a time for yourself and I feel painting helps me in  relieving my stress and boosting my energy, passion and enthusiasm.

I love this quote always which truly relates to myself..

"Life is like riding a bicycle. 
To keep your balance.
You must keep moving"


Water Color Paper
Camlin Photo Colors
Camlin Synthetic Water Color brushes

Sunday, March 1, 2020

How I Combine Paper Crafting and Painting

Hi folks

I am back with my another creation in which I again combine my Painting and Paper Crafting Skills.

However I already posted a video of this creation on my FB and Insta page and Today I am posting this creation along with the detailed pictures of my creation here on my blog.

Red BG is painted with Water Colors.
Couple Silhouette and leaves all are die cuts, layered with papers in order to create depth.
Sentiment is stamped.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Liquid Water Colors and a Bird Silhouette

Hi folks

I am back with my another creation in Liquid Water Colors/Photo Colors.
Love to paint Silhouettes.

Love to paint Background.
Its a blending and mixing of 3 colors. Crimson Red, Deep Yellow and light Blue.
When you move your brush in rounded form around the edges of the Circle with colors you can get this effect very easily.
I always avoid black for darker tones. Use Dark blue mixed with some brown for darker tone.

Supplies: Camlin Liquid Water /Photo Colors .
Camlin Synthetic Soft Brushes.
Paper: Cold Press Water Color 100% Cotton Paper.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How I Combine Paper Crafting and Painting...A Handmade Card

Hi Folks

I am back with my another creation.
"Cherish Every Moment"

I love Painting as well as Paper Crafting too.
In this Card I worked on a technique in which I can combine both paper crafting as well as painting too.
However I tried two more painted backgrounds too for these painted roses but I feel that those were all loud and noisy for these soft flowers so I just go for Solid Black background and splattered some colors on it.

So here comes my card in which I combine both the skills of mine.

Video of this creation...

Base is Black CS.
BG is covered with the splatter of colors.
Roses are painted with Water Colors on Water Color paper.
Flower Vase shape is hand draw and hand cut  from a Pattern paper.
Background leaves are all die cuts.
Butterfly is also a die cut, layered on a painted watercolored BG.
Scallop lace is a pattern paper.
Twine is a Fuchsia pink Raffia. 
Sentiment is computer generated.