Saturday, March 27, 2010

Painting, Pottery and Sculptures Exhibition (22nd March – 26th March,2010)

Hi all

An exhibition of Painting, Pottery and Sculptures was held in art gallery and studio of “Maati Srijan”(an affiliated centre of IGNOU for Craft and Design – Pottery in Patparganj, East Delhi). Exhibition was Sponsored by “Sahitya Kala Parishad” and organized by Ajanta Kala Society, East Delhi. Exhibition was Inaugurated by Hon’ble Shri Amreesh Gautam ji (Deputy Speaker, Assembly of Delhi).

Beautiful Creative and Artistic impressions by renowned artists group led by Shri Mangae Ram Sharma ji, Shri V.S. Rahi ji and other senior artists were on display which have been appreciated by the visitors.

Senior Pottery and Sculpure artist of “Maati Srijan” Ms. Suresh Wati has also displayed her beautiful works of Terracotta.

Budding artists pursuing their course on Pottery (Shivali, Preeti Gupta, Preeti Kumari, Olga M. Marino, Nirmallyakar) of Maati Srijan have also displayed their beautiful works.

I personally Thanks to Shri V.S.Rahi ji and Shri. Mangae Ram Sharma ji who have given Maati Srijan an opportunity to display their beautiful creations and express heartiest thanks to Shri Anand Dev ji (Senior Artist) and Shri Om Prakash Khare ji (Senior Artist) who have given his precious time to come and encourage all of us.

I also Thanks to Dr. Vivek Mishra ji who has played an important role in coordinating the entire exhibition and anchoring the “Kavita Pathh” at Closing ceremony of the session.

And in last but not the least I personally extends my Thanks to Smt. Meenakshi Raj ji (founder and Administrator of “Maati Srijan”) who has started these kinds of events in East Delhi to promote budding artists and to make aware the people about the art and pottery.