Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Hi all

Winter is approaching in Delhi, so foggy and cold here, sometimes its raining these days. I like winters,cuddle in quilt, wear jackets, I love it. But in winters I become so lazy which is the bad part of winters for me. What u say?

Although there is no snow in Delhi, we can't find snow here, in winters but I like snow and this time I welcome the winters of Delhi with this card.



I hope it snows in delhi for once at least....very pretty card


Such a pretty, wintery card! I love the colors and all the snowflakes!
It is suppose to snow here this weekend... I'm hoping it doesn't I'm not ready for winter yet! ;)


he,..he,..i too feel lazy in winter.Lovely card:))

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Mansi.
Thanku Amy.
Thanku Kavi.


totally agreed!.. winter makes me lazy too.. and the worst part is that I have exams coming up! ;).. but you have GOT to love the rains at this time! :)
beautiful card!.. the colours and the snowflakes are wow! :)

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Spardha.


simple yet very elegant card sudha...

Sudha - Art Admirer

thanku Rachana.

Casey Wright

Beautiful card! I love the snowflakes! Can't wait for it to snow here too :)

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Casey.


Such a pretty card! Love the snowflakes! Wished it snowed where I live too...

Heather Jensen

Very cute Sudha. I just moved from a state that has lots of snow. It snowed for months each year. Now I am where we won't have any snow. I am a little dissapointed. ;)

Jocelyn aka JoBear2

This is beautiful Sudha! LOVE all the snowflakes and the blingy centres. It doesn't snow where I live at Christmas - in fact, it's Summer-time and it can be over 100 deg F/39 deg C!! But it has never stopped me making Christmas cards with snowflakes or snowmen or snowy scenes. And I just LOVE other people's cards that feature anything "snowy". Thanks Sudha for stopping by my Blog today and leaving such a sweet comment :-)

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Jocelyn.


A very cute idea! I have a punch that is similar so it gets me thinking!


neat and simple card. Do visit my blog

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Priya.