Monday, May 21, 2012

Case 1 Success Story

Hi all

Its time to celebrate the success of CASE1 - Our first paper crafting exhibition in Bangalore organized by our Indian Craft Room. Thank you ICR, Thank you Ash (the administrator of ICR) and Thank you everyone for making CASE1 happen, Not just happen but supporting us in taking ICR further by a step.

ICR is definite that most Bangaloreans are appreciative of ICR and its crafters with their attempts in bumping the hearts through paper art.

Organizers are at talks with us to take up stalls around in Bangalore. Few others who were impressed with our works are contacting us with huge orders for favor boxes, invites & love cards, as of now. A local club has even gone to an extent of inviting us to take up a space at their club for demonstrating our works along with interactive activities for their members.

Here are the CASE1 pics –

Our stall -

Decor Piece which stole the heart of the visitors -

Our team - Asha,Bhavana Kesarkar and Priya Sondhi Yes I was missing due to some of my personal reasons but really miss this fun a lot. Thank you Bhavana and Priya for helping Asha for making this event a grand success.

Center Display Unit which housed ANNIVERSARY CARDS.... {Birthday with Best Wishes} -

Love cards display -

Angled view -

Even Spread -

ICR Spotted -

My card was picked by a couple, My favourite pic. -

Keen Patron -

For more pics. of ICR Case 1 Success Story. Check here.

ICR in News, Check here.

ICR is planning to organise such exhibitions in near future too so join hands with us because ICR is - Of the Crafters, By the Crafters & For the Crafters INTO CARDS 'n' SCRAPS.



yaa sudha ,it was absolute sucess of ICR and all of us.congrats for all members,admin,co-ordinators,dt's,all who were behind this of luck for future's grand events.


OMG! Sudha.... That's an exclusive one..... Thank u so much for the love & dedication towards ICR & its growth..... You are an example of how an individual can keep people motivated by just sheer moral support.... Hats Off to you dearie!!! You will forever be an integral part of ICR.... :D

Ash... :)


All The Very Best Dear

Julie Tucker-Wolek

How fun!! LOVING all the photos!!


@Thanku Megha.
@Thanku Ash. Sweetie I can't do nothing without ur support.
@Thanku Bhawana.
@Thanku Julie.

Deesha Ruparel

Wow Sudha.. It's great to know about the happenings at ICR.. Even I got stuck due to personal reasons and unable to be in touch much.. But great to know about this and wish to be contribute in best ways possible.. Cya...!!!