Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Painting With My Little daughter

Hi all
I am back with my another creation. Its Water Color Painting with my Little daughter.
My daughter name is Akriti. she is 22 months old. When she saw my painting basket first time which is full of colors and brushes I realize that she is eager to play with them.
I decided to start some painting with her just to check her interest. So I picked some waste newspaper just to start with her, some brushes and water colors and water container.

We started with Thumb painting.
We paint some thumb impressions with water colors.
Then we spread some yellow color at top part for sky and blue color at bottom part for water.

After drying of colors I gave some finishing touches to her painting.
I converted the thumb impressions into the little fishes. 
Made some waves.
She surprisingly look at me that what her mother is doing with her painting.

Look at my Little painter...she is busy in washing her brushes.

Close View of her Water Color Painting.

Finished look. 
I pasted Ivory sheet at the back of her creation to make it sturdy.
We are planning(My Hubby n Me) to frame her first creation...will share her framed creation too soon.