Thursday, April 21, 2016

Its Painting Time...Thumb and Finger Prints activity

Hi Folks
 We (My daughter and Me) are back with our another activity.
We are in a mood to do some painting this time.

 First I spread a newspaper on a table and give her a paint box, a brush and a water container.
I think newspaper is the best for doing painting with little kids. 

 She immediately picked a brush and applied colors on a newspaper. Yes I told her first how to pick brush and how to apply colors. She wish to do painting by her own without taking the help of her Mom.

Actually I wish to do some fingers and thumb painting with her but she like to play with colors and brush by her own.
It took me two days to convince her  but yes finally I took  thumb and finger prints of her and she enjoyed it too.

Now I converted her thumb and finger prints in to tiny doodlings.

Finally I cut doodlings in to small pieces and pasted it on a White Cardstock.
I like the Clean and Simple look of it.
Now its ready for framing too.