Sunday, October 24, 2010

A celebration of Masks, Puppets and Picture Showmen Traditions of India

Hi all

Yesterday I attended the event "Akhyan - A celebration of Masks, Puppets and Picture Showmen Traditions of India" at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA)"

They organize several events to promote and aware people about the art of Masks and Puppets of India. I met several crafters and artists there. Some were making masks and puppets, some were making paintings from natural colors. It was a wonderful experience for us (my friend and I) to know their Culture, to know their Art.

In a big hall they showcased the masks and puppets from several states of India. They also showcased the Phad Paintings (These paintings are created using the rainbow of bright colors and subtle colors. The popular themes of the Phad paintings are of Hindu deities, old legends and the stories of the maharajas of the bygone era. Phad paintings are magnificent and its outlines are drawn in block and filled with colors.)

They have a Book Exhibition also on Masks, Puppets and Picture Showmen Traditions of India.

They also have a Nature Bazaar which includes handmade stuff from different states of India.

Event will continue till 20.11.2010. Timings are 11 a.m. - 8.30 p.m. Any one can attend the event.

Hey My friend and I clicked some pictures there. I want to share with you and here are the pics.



i really like such posts...though i havnt been there myself but feel that i havnt missed anythin....thanks for sharin....
i have a question....i have been reading abt freezer paper/butcher paper on many blogs that is used as stencil....for more details see this post here

my query is what do we call this paper in india.....i couldn't find it in agra by this name. is this available in delhi.....hope u know.

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Himadri. Ya freezer paper is available in India may be in Delhi also. In India this paper is used for making Rangoli Stencils. I don't know the other name of this paper but u can tell the shopkeeper that this paper is used for making Rangoli stencil n its like thin plastic paper.

Casey Wright

What a cool place! Thanks for sharing - this is wonderful!

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Casey.


Loved the pictures very unique celebrations never heard about this :)