Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dilli Haat, INA

Hi all

Yesterday I went to Dilli Haat, INA, I met several artists there, they all are National Awardees in the field of Art and Craft. Basically they are called Shilp Gurus.

The whole Dilli Haat was decorated to celebrate the spirit of Common Wealth Games, Delhi 2010. Every time when I went there I enjoyed a lot but this time I enjoyed more than my previous visits there. To meet with Shilp Gurus, to know the art and Craft of different states, I realize how wealthy our India in the field of Art and Craft.

Suddenly I came to know a very unique art there which is called "Sea Shell Craft" from Orissa. I was just stunned to see this unique Art. Artists from Orissa used to carved on sea shells and then paint over it. Carving is so minute and detailed. After carving they paint over the carved part. They also make jewelery from sea shells and various other decorative products. I click some pics. of them and also talked to them about this art.

Painting on Sea Shell -



wow!.. soo beautiful! :)

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanks Spardha.


thanks thanks thanks.....yes i am thinking of framing his art....though i am collecting the special ones....yes i'll work on the easel idea as i dont think we can find easel here in agra tht easily.....i'll try wax crayon idea too....i'll share the results on my blog...u seem to be really creative...i love ur clay bird...and the card(oct3) too...and oooooooo these painted shells are gorgeous, i was in delhi for some years....missin dilli haat aftr readin ur post...he he

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanks Himadri for ur sweet comment.


Hi thanks for your comments..i got the papers printed from a site hope this helps!


What an amazing place, so much beautiful works of art! Those shells are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these pictures!

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Amy.

Melisa Waldorf

Hello Sudha. I just wrote you an email my friend. This art is so beautiful. I wonder how long it took to make each one. How wonderful that you found others who enjoy arts like you do! I hope you are enjoying the games and enjoying your vacation.

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Melisa.

Casey Wright

Wow - the artwork is amazing - thanks for sharing - it is very inspiring!

Sudha - Art Admirer

Thanku Casey.