Sunday, May 21, 2017

Summer Activities for Kids...Day-2

Hi Folks
We(my daughter and me) are back now.
Its Day-2 of Summer Activities for kids.
Our Day -2 activity are Pencil Toppers. 

So here we go..

Material Needed:
1. Colored papers. I use Duplex Papers, easily available in the market. Duplex papers are sturdy and are different from Crepe papers.You can also use crepe papers too. Duplex papers are basically used for making paper flowers.
2. Glue
3. Scissors
4. Pencils for making toppers.
5. Ruler
6. Pencil,Eraser
7. Circle master for making circles. You can use any small rounded objects for making faces.

Now everything with us..Lets get started...

First we cut fringes from colored Duplex Papers.

Then we rolled the fringes at the Pencil backs and paste it at the ends.

Then we made the circles from the help of circle master and create the faces out of it.
Paste these faces at the top of the fringes.

Stamped the Sentiment Happiness always.Paste it below the heads.
Now our pencil toppers are ready.
These toppers are so quick you can easily make with your kids.

On my daughter's demand.

Now its your turn.
Try these Pencil toppers with your kids and share with us too (as we daughter mother duo love to see your creations too) by sending your links or pics. at our email Id

We will surely share your projects on our blog, FB page, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram too.

As of now me Sudha kalra along with my little daughter is signing off and waiting for your creations too.
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