Friday, May 19, 2017

Summer Actvities for Kids..Day-1

Hi Folks
We(my daughter and me) are back now.
Summer Vacations have already started and yes its indeed a lazy summers. Too hot in Delhi(India).
We both daughter and mother duo are getting bored so better we plan some summer activities in these vacations. No plans on spending vacations on the outside Delhi(India) as of now as our Daddy dearie is busy in his office.

So its Day-1 of Summer Activities for kids.
We make Paper Birds.
(Source:You tube)
My daughter is now 3+ so its a tip or advice that try simple and quick crafts with your child as they can't be able to sit for a long time.
So here we go..

Material Needed:
1. Colored papers. I use thick cardstocks.Yes sturdy papers will work best because then paper birds can stand too.
2. Scissors
3. Glue
4. Rounded objects for making circles. One is big and the other is small. I generally use household things to teach my daughter the basic shapes.
5. Googly eyes.
6. Pencil,Eraser (needed when working with your small kid)

Now everything with us..Lets get started...

 First I cut the Smaller and the Bigger circles for each of the two birds.(seriously no measurements at all just go with the size of your rounded objects available in our house.One is small and the other is big)
Then scor all of the circles in the middle.
Cut out two small triangles(as we are making two birds) for the bird's beaks and two rectangles for the tails.

Fold all of the circles and paste smaller ones inside the bigger ones.

Then paste beaks,tails and googly eyes.
Yes at the last moment we found something missing.Everything goes flat.
So we decided to cut another set of circles which are smallest then the other circles from our printed pattern papers.
Yes its add detailing in our paper birds and it look interesting too.


Finally my daughter wants to give them a food from her box of Aloo Bhujiya(Patato Bhujiya). She said mumma they are hungry.
Sharing is important as we teach her.

Now its your turn.
Try these paper birds with your kids and share with us too (as we daughter mother duo love to see your creations too) by sending your links or pics. at our email Id

We will surely share your projects on our blog, FB page, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram too.

As of now me Sudha kalra along with my little daughter is signing off and waiting for your creations too.
Check our  Summer Actvities for Kids..Day-2 too in these series. We are working on it too.



Preeti D. (aka Preety)

Super cute birdies :) crafting is such a cool way to keep kids entertained.