Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How to make Homemade Wreaths…Summer Activities for Kids...Day-9

Hi Folks
We(my daughter and me) are back now.
Its Day-9 of Summer Activities for kids.
Our Day -9 activity is Homemade Wreath.

Now No need to worry about Styrofoam Rings, No Need to worry about Rubber rings, No need to worry about plastic rings…Yes..
We have a Homemade Solution for you..
Check the step by step tutorial of  making of homemade wreath.

Material Needed:
 Round shape cut from a corrugated box(any corrugated box available  in your house)
Cellotape or masking tape

Now everything with us..Lets get started...

Simply twist the newspaper and paste it on the round shape with the help of cellotape or masking tape. 2-3 newspaper sheets required to make it sturdy while twisting.

Mix glue with water in 2:1 ratio.
Cover the round shape with Tissue papers by applying the mixture of glue and water with brush.

We covered the round shape with Tissue papers. Any white color tissue papers will work best for you.
Leave it for 3-4 hours so that Tissue papers will get set. We leave it overnight and finished this activity in 2 days.
Caution: Lay newspaper on the surface before starting this process. Its a little messy.

Ya all set and we are ready to cover it with Burlap cord or we can say Sutli(in Hindi) locally available in any market.

Covering it with Burlap cord (Sutli).

Yes all covered.

Now we have Thai Mulberry Roses available in our store for decorating our wreath. 

Pasted these Thai Muberry roses at the bottom.
Made a bow with ribbon.

At last we had added a handmade tiny bird with wire.

Now its your turn. 
Try this activity with your kids and share with us too (as we daughter mother duo love to see your creations too) by sending your links or pics. at our email Id

We will surely share your projects on our blog, FB page, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram too.

As of now me Sudha kalra along with my little daughter is signing off and waiting for your creations too.
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We have planned total 10 activities in these series.