Friday, June 2, 2017

Summer Activities for Kids...Day-8

 Hi Folks
We(my daughter and me) are back now.
Its Day-8 of Summer Activities for kids.
Our Day -8 activity is Story Telling through picture activity.

Story is The Thirsty Crow
(source:Some Art Book)

Once there was a thirsty crow searching for water here and there. At last he saw a pot of water but there was very little water in it.
Then the crow got an idea. He picked up small pebbles one by one and put them in to the pot. Water came up. The crow drank the water and flew away.

Moral of the story is: Nothing is impossible. Think and work hard, you may find solution to any problem.

Material Needed:

Composition of story.
We have few cut outs too of Sun and Clouds too which we use.

Now everything with us..Lets get started...

Coloring is so much fun for my 3+ years old daughter. She loves coloring so much.
She is coloring in the Sun. One element of our story.

We use cotton for clouds.

Coloring is in process.

Coloring is in process.

Final finishing touch. She uses the corner of Ruler(my old time school technique) to lower down the darker tones so that everything get clear.

Finally our Thirsty Crow composition is ready.

Now its your turn.

Try this activity with your kids. You can make any story which you like (Your kids will surely love this) and share with us too (as we daughter mother duo love to see your creations too) by sending your links or pics. at our email Id

We will surely share your projects on our blog, FB page, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram too.

As of now me Sudha kalra along with my little daughter is signing off and waiting for your creations too.
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We have planned total 10 activities in these series.